Distillery 1000-1100 liter

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  • Side mounted special distillation column
  • According to European Regulation 2014/68/EU
  • Potstill, Ø 1200 mm, made of special high quality copper material, highly-polished and smooth (quality according to hammered copper), 4 mm strong.
  • Fill capacity: 1000 -1100 liter
  • Fill opening: Ø 400 mm
  • Discharge: Ø 300 mm and 4″ ball valve
  • Indirect heating: steam bath covered in stainless steel and insulated
  • Shaped helmet: connected using stainless steel flanging without visible screws or gaskets inside or outside. Ø800 mm and about 800 mm high, with viewing glasses and thermometer.
  • Superaromator: (special distillation column) Ø 500 mm, 1500 mm high with 3 bubble caps.
  • Bubblecaps: new construction with increased copper surface and turbulent motion of the liquid. Free adjustable fluid level on distillation plates – flexible adjustment of alcohol content and aroma of distilled mash.
  • Including a pre-condenser in the head of the column (dephlegmator)
  • Inspection-glases: 4 viewing windows of NW 125 for each bubble cap and mash return.
  • Stainless steel condenser: made of V4A material, Ø 220 mm, 2000 mm high with automatic cooling with a thermostatic regulator valve.
  • Safety features: overflow, vacuum breaker, pressure gauge, auto-air-out, steam trap and dirt filter.
  • Spirit piping, outflow device for distillate and water installation: completely made of stainless steel
  • way of heating: electric or hot water with 120° C max. pressure 0,5 bar